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BikersHow can I check in early? I don’t want to haul a packet and, besides, I’m planning to start really early.

Saturday August 15 at Frisco Adventure Park, Times TBD

If you pick up your packet early, you don’t need to check in on the morning of the ride, but be sure to wear your wrist band.

On the morning of the ride, check-in begins at 6:00 am, at the Frisco Adventure Park, at the start.

Remember, if you set out too early you could reach the aid stations before they open.


And the Water Stops?

What time, and where is lunch served?

Lunch is served at the finish. Approximate time: 12 to 5 pm.

What if it rains?

What’s a little rain? Pull on your rain gear, dress for the weather and ride with a smile. This is all about having fun. Lightning, however, is a different issue. It’s unusual to have lightning early in the day but should it develop, all riders are strongly advised to seek shelter until they can proceed safely.Yte pass

What should I bring for the ride?

Other recommendations:

Why does my credit card statement show a charge from Summit Biking or SQcirclethesummit? processes our online registration. The host bike club, Summit Biking, shows as the billing party.

In person registrations (at Wilderness Sports or at the ride start) are processed using the Square, and the charge shows: SQcirclethesummit.

I registered, but can’t make the ride. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds. If it’s any consolation, your money is going to be put to very good use.

Who Was Bob Guthrie?

GutheriesBob Guthrie, a gifted skier, biker, outdoors man, and adventurer, was a true Renaissance Man and community leader. His buoyant personality and “can do” attitude motivated many to ski a steeper slope, climb higher, and bike further. Bob died tragically at A-Basin, February 15, 2008, doing what he loved best: skiing the trees in powder.

Bob was a passionate biker whose vision was to develop a recreational path over Swan Mountain, linking the Dillon and Frisco paths around the lake. It was his inspiration and perspiration that led to the formation of the Swan Mountain Recpath.

Reared in Iowa, a radiation oncologist, founder of the Covenant Cancer Center in Waterloo and a former flight surgeon, Bob was an Iowa age-group state champion biker. He co-coordinated the Summit Biking Group which has grown to more than 300 riders. It meets each Monday beginning in June. Bob loved to teach spinning classes at the Silverthorne Recreation Center. Not surprisingly, he was voted employee of the year.

Bob’s enthusiasm was infectious. “Follow me,” he said. And we did.